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Booking centre
and administration office
Monte Magnola Impianti s.r.l.
P.le Magnola, 61 - 67046 Ovindoli (AQ)
Arrival point of the cable car “Le Fosse” - M. Arso.
Ph.: 0863 705087/705058 (key 4)
Fax: 0863 710202

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VAT N. 01360860660 - F. C. 04553021009
How to reach us
The ski resort Ovindoli Montemagnola Impianti and Anfiteatro Chalet are are easily reaxchable from Rome or Pescara by motorway A25 using the exits of Magliano dei Marsi or of Celano. If you come from Teramo, take the motorway A24 along the Traforo del Gran Sasso towards L’Aquila and then S.S. 5bis towards the Altopiano delle Rocche.